After breaking down what the Core consists of and why it plays such a crucial role in the execution of effective and sound movement patterns, it is time to have a look at a few exercises that will make all the difference to the strength of your core musculature.

We have all read about the traditional exercises that can be used to improve your core conditioning: The front and side plank, the heel drop, the axe chopper, to name a few.

With this in mind, I decided to pull out a few of the more unusual, challenging and down right crazy Core exercises.

Please remember that these exercises are considered to be at either an intermediate or advanced level, and should not be prescribed to or attempted by, beginner trainees.

These images are taken from PT on the net - a great resource for everything exercise and training related. Some are combination movements, others pure core movements.

Try them, have fun and have a laugh!

Exercise 1: Core Board push up with running motion

Exercise 2:
Alternate arm bends

Exercise 3: V-Sit + Rotation

Exercise 4: Side plank snatch

Exercise 5: Swiss ball with Glute bridge and twist

Exercise 6: Superstars w Barbell

These 6 exercises challenging the Transverse Abdominus, the Internal and External oblique muscle groups and Mutifidus muscles of the spine.

James Greenwood is a competitive tri and multisport athlete currently training for Ironman Canada 2009. A level 1 Triathlon Coach, he holds a post graduate degree in Exercise Science, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. James is also currently the resident health and fitness programs expert at, and has starred in a number of multisport specific fitness videos.
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