Nutrition and healthy eating are topics that often lead to a whole lot of confusion and apprehension for athletes and non-athletes alike.

"What should I be eating?"

"When should I be eating it?"

"Is healthy eating realistic in today's frantic world?"

For many of us, knowing which foods to eat, not just to keep us healthy, but also to help to improve our athlete performance, would be an enormously helpful. Much of the confusion experienced these days is the result of information overload, misleading advertising and conflicting guidelines presented by so called experts.

I believes that for the vast majority of us, sticking to the tried and tested healthy eating guidelines will allow us to not only achieve our ideal body weight and body composition, but will also ensure we are optimally fueled for whatever activity we are planing to participate in.

Finding this information is not always easy, and applying the advice to daily life can be very challenging and even more confusing.

It is with this in mind that I recommend you take a few minutes out of your day and watch these 3 videos. Both are aimed at active individuals, but the guidelines and the information presented are the same for those who might not be as active.

Katie Rogers and Deanna Embury from Licious Living present these short educational videos, and provide all the knowledge and insight you will require to get onto eating more healthily.

We start with a short introduction to Nutrition and eating for better health and performance.

The second video is called Sport Specific eating for a balanced diet, and Katie and Deanna walk you through:
  • The Macro-nutrients: Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats - what they are and what they do and why they are essential
  • Making the healthy choices when choosing Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats
  • How much, How often and which ones to choose.
This 22 minute video resource will give you all the guidance you need to get your eating on the right track.

Video 3 is called Fueling for Fitness and takes a closer look at what a balanced eating strategy entails. It is presented in an easy to understand way, practical examples to ensure you get the most from the information you have received.
  • Why pre-training and post training nutrition is so important
  • What to eat before and after exercise
  • How to time your food intake before and after activity
For better performance during exercise and activity, you will be shown how to make Trail mix and a super healthy Smoothie - both wholesome and healthy, and perfect for keeping your energy levels elevated.

Katie and Deanna the resident nutrition experts on, and have a number of other nutrition webasodes that will help you learn more about healthy eating, eating for optimal energy and will assist you to achieve your nutrition goals - whatever they may be.

James Greenwood is a competitive tri and multisport athlete currently training for Ironman Canada 2009. A level 1 Triathlon Coach, he holds a post graduate degree in Exercise Science, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. James is also currently the resident health and fitness programs expert at, and has starred in a number of multisport specific fitness videos.
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